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Please let me know that my one bad day will end..


7 January

I'm Julia (16)
Well I'm kinda obsessed with Blink 182..

I love to:

- laugh so hard it hurts
- push peoples buttons
- dance
- joke
- listen to Blink 182 and Good Charlotte
- watch people
- come up with new nicknames for people
- eat
- give people a thrill
- scream
- yell
- joke with my friends
- hang with my friends
- talk to my friends
- have lunchbreak at school
- live here in Breda
- make fun at and with my friends
- laugh with my friends
- act stupid with Yara !!!!
- get drunk with my best friends..
- read lyrics
- make layouts
- edit (Tom Delonge) pictures
- chat with my friends
- go to the city with friends
- shop with Yara and/or Lukas
- make fun at dumbass teachers
- write in my agenda
- write stupid things in Lukas' agenda
- send out smses
- watch cool musicvideos
- go out with friends
- bragg with Viktor
- talk in class with Astrid
- move
- go to Rotterdam with friends

more things to come :P